HOME OF THE HOP - September 2 and 3 - a Faversham Hop Festival Event

2 September 2017 Entry FREE EXHIBITION Doors 10:30am

Don’t miss the FREE display in The Old Brewery Store which tells a little of the history of hops and hop picking in and around Faversham.  There’s also hop picking memorabilia and archive films of hopping.  Some of the company’s vintage vehicles will also be on view and the Old Brewery Store bar will also be open providing a tranquil refuge for those wanting a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the main festival.

Shire horses, Lincoln and Leeroy will also be making an appearance. The pair of Shire horses, similar in size to those which used to make beer deliveries for the brewery, will be available from 11.30 until 3.30 for visitors to meet and take photographs

Visitors can also take part in a fascinating tutored tasting with one of our beer experts and learn how different hop varieties are used to give Shepherd Neame beers their distinctive flavour.

Hop Festival Brewery Tours are also available throughout the weekend and will culminate with a tutored tasting in The Old Brewery Store and a chance to explore the special Hop Exhibition - book now.